Since we picked flowers with love in unique gardens of Qamsar in Kashan, we smelled the odor of Iran rosewater all over the world. We wanted to make a bridge through that relate the jobs of our ancestor to the most modern industry of the world and have worldwide production. It did not take a lot of time that the mercifulness of the almighty and continuous efforts in line with Iranian pure thinking led to ascertaining of our ideas with regard to relating traditional production to modern Europe technology.

Premium Iran GolabCompany was established on 1950.In this company, we have mixed pure ideas with the power of love and we have produced a pure product with the help of creative and professional Iranian experts. And by registering the “Rabee” trade name we took the first step in the field of manufacturing and exporting natural and pasteurized rosewater so confidently, that in a short period of time the sweet aroma of Persian rosewater caressed the smell all the people around the world .
The beginning of industrial production in Iran Golab Company was establishing an advanced factory in 1982 in Kashan and it was the beginning ofexaltation of Iran in international arenas. Now with have having more than half a century of experience the name of Iran in the world is well remembered with Rabee rosewater.In addition, the founder of Iran's industrial production of rosewater, known and recognized by the world as“The King of Rosewater” and is famous among businessmen and the owners of related industries.

Now, Iran Golab with having 5 branches and 18 representatives, exports its products including rosewater and rose essence to more than 30 countries in the world with the value of more than 20 million dollars. This company in the past years did its best to open new export markets. This company uninterrupted upward trend in exports in recent years and increase of exports to more than a hundred percent in the current year are witnesses to this claim.