Have a fresh skin with rose sweat

According to Mashregh news agency, Mohammad Abdollahi, traditional medicine researcher, said: rose sweat is a fragrant material produced by the distillation of rose flower. This aseptic liquid is widely used in traditional medicine.

He stated: “The most important characteristics of rose sweat is that it causes freshness, accelerates blood circulation, and cleans the skin; moreover, sterile rose sweat can be used to wash eyes and hydrating hair root. If rose sweat is put and rubbed on eyelash skin, it eases eye fatigue and the combination of rose sweat and baking soda removes skin rush.

Insisting on the nutritional value of rose sweat, this traditional medicine researcher added: “It can cure digestive diseases, bloating, chronic diarrhea, rheumatism, epilepsy, anxiety, and depression.

Regarding curative properties of rose sweat, Abdollahi said: “rose sweat is warm and wet and is good to be consume in summer. It prevents heat stroke and bile diseases; moreover, if drank or smelled, it eliminates headaches resulted from air pollution and noise.

This traditional medicine researcher stated: “using rose extract steam heals respiratory diseases. Also, drinking cool rose sweat removes the heat inside body and strengthens the body. If smelled, it cures faint and reinforces the heart.